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'Mountain Trail'

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'Mt. Tam Trail'

I painted this Transparent Plein Air Watercolor late one summer afternoon, hiking off thru a large meadow and then into the woods, onto a narrowing trail running along a steep ledge beside a dry creekbed. I had my pack on my back and my little dog on the leash, carefully stepping over the rocks and roots, when I turned and saw the most delicious shadow across the path. Inspired, I balanced upon a large rock and pulled out a brush and palette. Finding I had left my water bowl behind, I had to keep dipping into the water bottle, while precariously juggling everything and trying to keep my balance, with the block of paper resting on my knees. As I began to capture the mystery of the moment, in the quickly fading sunlight, I was swarmed by black flies (!!!) which began biting me all over my forearms. Determined to capture the moment, I painted on. Although badly bitten, I felt a rush of satisfaction as the 'gesture' of the painting came together. It was this experience which inspired me to keep' biting insect repellent' in my pack, as well as benydryl, dried fruit, and jerky!

Matted & Framed with Archival Plexi: 14" x 18"

$ 200

Winsor Newton archival pigments and Arches 140 lb Rough wc paper

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