Joy Perrin, bass & vocals
Career Pictures with Blues Legends and Bands

Live at Dan Lynch Blues Bar, NYC 1994,

Double Door Inn, Charlotte NC 1979

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With Legendary guitarist on 'Kansas City', Wildman Jimmy Spruill, Terra Blues, Bleeker St, NYC 1997
Eastern Standard Time (hysterical name, really, seeing as we were from St. Louis.traveling 'show band' 1971-72

Roscoe Gordon Band.'
Just a Teeny Weeny Bit! w/guitarist Dan Hovi, Bari player Donnie Castellow, @Chicago Blues 1996, NYC

With Cliff Frederiksen 1971, St. Louis, MO

Lee Perry Gross Band, NYC.c.1999-2003

Moore and Perrin Band(s) 1976-81

My Blues Band,Chilly Whilly, @Dan Lynch Blues Bar (Jon Diamond, Brian Mitchell, Phil Shimmel) 1990s

Minetta Creek Bluegrass Band, NYC 1990s.

Cliff Frederiksen & The Fabulous Generators
The first band where I'm playing bass. Cliff taught me how to play! circa:1971

Kid Java Blues Band
NYC 1999-2002

NYC 1984

Red Hook Band
Brooklyn, NY!  Pop music and Irish music
 with Harry Boyle and Terry Kawles