Bassist with Vocals Available

(very experienced bassist with very versatile vocals)

For a good time, call Joy.


I've been a pro electric bassist and singer (lead and harmonies) since 1971. 
I was a folksinger before that. 

I'd like to join or put together a group of older pro level players, for some $ and mutual musical fulfillment. What I like most, is a stylistic mix of tunes, from blues, pop, funk, rock, country and bluegrass. There are modest local gigs around, and better $ gigs, with a little tighening up. 415.717.6731

Seeking a band, or two, duo partner, trio, experienced rhythm/ lead instrumentalists (guitars, pedal steel, mandolin).

I have multiples influences and whatever styles we love to do, I want them to SIT IN THE POCKET. 
Would love to find older, confident players who also know tons of songs, and styles, and actually love to
 just LET IT GROOVE, sometimes. Who know about 'space'. I'm also heavy into harmonies and can always
"find the missing part'. 
Below are some video and audio samples. Although they don't fully represent the wide scope of my experience, they at least, demonstrate that I can play and sing.

Résumé as bassist with vocals

1970's-early 80s: Hotel circuits, lounges, rock clubs in the Midwest, road houses, clubs, and bars in the Carolinas,

1984-2002 NYC nightclubs, casuals(aka club dates) ,cabarets, weddings, and blues bars in Manhattan, boroughs, and tri-state area. In addition to my own bands, I have played as a member, or backup band for many many many bands, including jazzy wedding bands, rock bands, orginals bands, bluegrass bands, blues bands, country bands,funk bands, calypso bands, 50s bands, 'Big Bands', Pow; cabaret bands, Irish bands, Italian wedding bands, backing up singers bands,, doo wop bands, Klezmer bands, and more. . I wish I had recordings and pictures of them all. (I'm starting a list below! 10 Jan 2013!)I moved to CA in 2003, and I've primariy worked out here as a guitarist/singer/single/ day gigs(except for a couple of band gigs backing people up)..

2011- Current; After 9 yr hiatus from bands (left nyc music scene, moved west, have been working full time on guitar & vocals, for specialty day gigs), I've been PLAYING BASS AGAIN, since being drafted for a blues festival in NC, Sept 2011. So, I've been playing out a little since then, and I have been experiencing a new-found enthusiam for THE GROOVE.

I'm Well-versed in most American music styles, from Swing, Blues, Classic Rock, New Orleans, Vocal Jazz Standards, Country Western,, Bluegrass, Reggae, Caypso, Mariachi, +. although I'm favoring eclectic multi-influenced & western swing, of late

.MP3 AND VIDEO LINKS BELOW...material old & new, CDs I've released, Good live recordings, video from 2011 concert in Charlotte, NC Festival in the Park, more recent footage of tunes with strangers at the Blue Monday Jam Session at The Cruising Club in Sausaltio, CA.

.Contact me if you'd like to meet at the Monday night jam in Sausalito, where I am meeting musicians and sitting in on a semi-regular basis. I don't always attend to let me know.1.

I'm always available as freelance bassist and I'm a quick study, with a killer ear.

Seeking like-minded multi-instrumentalists who like to MIX MUSICAL METAPHORS to form an eclectic group who like blues, country, bluegrass, swing. I like these forms with unexpected instrumentation, as well...such as; pedal steel in a blues song, squeezebox, clarinet, fiddle...

Joy Perrin 415.717.6731 ,,,,,

The Fabulous Generators!
1971 St Louis-based hotel touring


Let the Good Times Roll (with our 'put-together-long-distance' band

Crazy - 2011, Charlotte. I put this band together LONG DISTANCE, then we caught a few hours of rehearsal preceding the concert.

Just Because You Gotta Itch (Festival in Park, 2011)

Motherless Children (Festival in Park, 2011)

Hootchie Cootchie Woman(Charlotte rehearsal sept 2011)

Saved (Festival in the Park, Charlotte, NC Sept. 2011.

''I'd Rather Go Blind', blue monday jam, sausalito, nov 4, 2013

Mama He Treats Your Daughter/Come in My Kitchen - jamming with jammers at Blue Monday Jam, Sausalito, CA Sept. 2013 ("Arrangements while you wait").

Brickyard Blues (Festival 2011)

Chain of Fools (Charlotte 2011)

A Real Bad Lie (© J. Perrin) (Charlotte 2011)

Hound Dog - Big Mama Thornton rock rhumba;

Home of the Range -Charlotte NC

Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair 2013- NoNameBar w/The Gaters Sausalito


All-female blues band NYC 1990s 'Mojo'

My NYC Blues Band, Chilly Whilly, live and studio, 1990s. I'm playing bass and singing

lead on all these, but I am a GREAT harmony singer, as well.

'Cruisin' for a Bluesin' 1999 SOLO LP with my nyc band, 'Chilly Whilly'

Wet Match- funky TRIO with Kathleen 'KB'Breitenfeld on drums, Jon Diamond-guitar, Joy Perrin- bass and vox

Hound Dog (my band NYC)


Teardrops (my band, NYC joy bass, vocals, phil shimmel drums, Jon Diamond guitar


I’d Rather Go Blind (live NYC, my band, I'm playing bass AND singing this, as in all)

@ Dan Lynch's Legendary Blues Bar, NYC circa 1990s. Photo by Rick Gerics.

A LIST OF BANDS IN WHICH I'VE PLAYED BASS. (just for fun. The ones i can remember. In NYC, I was in 4 or 5 simultaneously, at any given time) Experienced in all these different styles of music.
Cliff Frederiksen & The Fabulous Generators (Ramada Inn Band) St Louis base
The Universal Sloth (psychedelic band based in Columbia, MO
Rock Bottom (Midwestern Rock club band) St Louis based
Buddy Dee & The Bucaneers (real stupid interim St Louis Hotel lounge band)
Eastern Standard Time (Midwestern Rock club touring band)St Louis based
Evergreen (All girl touring original power trio band) Kalamazoo
River Shoes (Mtns of VA)
Cabin Fever (Charlotte NC)
Moore & Perrin (touring country rock blues band. Charlotte NC based)
Dave Freeman and Thunder Road (country band, Charlotte Based)
Spirit Records Band, Charlotte based
Joy Perrin & the Situation, Charlotte based blues rock band
The Pointz (original rock band, Richmond VA
Chilly Whilly, blues band, Charlotte based
The Personals (NYC original band)
Streethearts (NYC originals band)
Dynasty Orchestrsas (NYC wedding bands)
Ron Doster original band, NYC
Wanda & The Way It Is 12-piece,(all female, all-original funk pop band
,signed to NYC 4th & Broadway Records (Island Records subsid)
Transformation (all original NYC techno rock
The New York Frets (traveling country band)
Big Wiggly (NYC originals and blues band)
Jack Goodwin Orchestras
Red Hook Band (NYC mostly Irish bars!)
Karma (NYC pop band)
Mooneye, NYC originals band
Teddy Brunetti, NYC original Rock Band
Kid Java (NYC blues band)
The Blues Club (Far Rockaway blues ban
George Kilby Jr Band
Lee Perry Gross Band
Joni Rapp Band
The Nightbirds
The NY Frets, NYC bluegrass band
Sweet Potata NYC all-girl blues band
Harbor Lights NYC wedding and society band
Malka, Brooklyn based Jewish event band, pop, yiddish, hebrew music
Crowd Control, NYC Classic Rock band
A Staten Island Doo Wop band of NYPD veterans (don't recall name)
Blues Sistahs, NYC
Miss Babb's Rocking Boogie Band
Duo with Michael Benjamin
Duo with Clare Cooper
Duo with Pat Marx
Duo with Harry Boyle
many more duo and trio situations
Moogie's Band
Jimmy Spruill Band (Legendary guitarist Wilbert Harrison's 
Kansas City', NYC
Johnny Clyde Copeland Blues Band, NYC
Shemekia Copeland Blues Band, NYC
Kevin Scott Hall Band, NYC original cabaret band

Innumerable recording sessions for various artists

My NYC blues band, 'Chilly Whilly'. Jon Diamond, guitar & vox, Brian Mitchell, piano & vox, me, Phil Shimmel, drums and vox.

'Sweet Potata' 1993-1995 NYC


Wanda & The Way It Is 
NYC 1985-87

Blue Monday Jam
Sausalito, CA 2013