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''Avatars in Muir Woods''


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'Avatars in Muir Woods''

I have heard, from Muir Beach residents, that there were people who recalled Master Paramahansa Yogananda visiting Muir Beach. I have felt his Presence at the Muir Beach Overlook.And if he visited the overlook, he most assuredly visited Majestic Muir Woods, just a few miles away. I have pictured him with Sri Yuktesvar, who was always with him in Spirit, and perhaps that is Burbank, behind them. Burbank only lived 50 miles from here, in Santa Rosa, and Master Yogananda called Burbank "an American Saint". Burbank was so in tune with God's Life in plants, that he must have made the trip with Yoganandaji.

Original Transparent Plein Air Water color

Matted & Framed with Archival Plexiglass 18" x 22"; $500 or unframed $450

Matted Prints, $39.99 includes shipping in continental U.S. s

archival pigments and Arches 140 lb Rough wc paper

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